Center on Global Health Architecture

Center on Global Health Architecture

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〇 新型コロナウイルスによる感染症拡大を期にニューノーマル時代に突入し、ヘルスケア業界でも様々な変革が起きています。『ポストコロナ時代のヘルスケア・パラダイムシフト』と題し、「グローバルヘルス」「プラネタリーヘルス」という視点からヘルスケア業界に変革をもたらすと期待する国内外の企業・団体のインタビュー・寄稿記事をForbes JAPANの特設サイトに連載します。
第1回:リーバー 伊藤俊一郎 代表取締役
第2回:エコロギー 葦苅晟矢 代表取締役CEO
第3回:メロディ・インターナショナル 尾形優子 代表取締役
第4回:SORA Technology 金子洋介 CEO&Founder
第5回:Planetary Health Alliance サミュエル・マイヤーズ ディレクター

What our center values: “Access to Health & Well-being” for All

Our center is pursing a world where everyone can fully make “Access to Health & Well-being”


Our Advisory Members

Partnerships with our advisory members are the core copmpoment of our center. Our advisory members are the world-leading professionals from academia, international organizations, NGOs and businesses in diverse fields of global health.

Our Target Domains

■The center currently focuses on three domains: 1) infectious diseases, 2) non-communicable diseases, and 3) disease prevention, all of which have been crucial in the global agenda and are seen as the areas where the private sector could make significant contributions.
■The center explores how issues in these domains can be solved by emerging non-medical technologies – especially, the cutting-edge technologies such as AI, ML, blockchain, drones, IoT sensors, nanopore sensors, XR, smart wearables, digital human, etc.
■In addition to the treatment of disease, we think it is equally important to improve the wellbeing of patients, their families, and the public.

Target domains of the Center


The center has two main activities for our goal of designing the global health architecture. One is platform development and the other is solution making support.

Platform Development

Partnership Development

Independent Research and Publications

Dialogue and Event Host

Solution Making and Implementation Support

Policy Making and Implementation Support

Consulting Services

Business Development with External Partners


If you are interested, please contact by email.
Center on Global Health Architecture