Center on Global Health Architecture

Multi-stakeholder Forum “Access to Health”

A public-private partnership forum gathering over 100 members including United Nations agencies/partnerships, Japanese governmental agencies, international civil society organizations, private companies and academia to share their knowledge and insight as presenters.

Volume 1

6th July 2016

  • Preventive approach in ordinary times
  • Join in a global community of Malaria

Volume 2

7th October 2016

  • Multi-stakeholder approach to malnutrition & dialogue with global private foundation
  • Telemedicine system in developing countries

Volume 3

25th November 2016

  • Grasp global stakeholder map and commercial distribution
  • PPP approach by UK for Ebola outbreak

Volume 4

10th February 2017

  • UN agencies and global supply chain
  • INGO channel for private companies
  • PHC and infectious diseases

Volume 5

14th March 2017

  • Outbreak prediction with ICT(SNS)
  • Innovation for diagnostics

Volume 6

12th June 2017

  • Private sector’s role in improving laboratories in LMICs
  • Regulatory harmonization

Volume 7

4th September 2017

  • Private sector’s role in maternal and child health

Volume 8

22nd February 2018

  • International organizations’ initiatives on Vaccines for private sector engagement

Volume 9

6th July 2018

  • International organizations’ initiatives and efforts on new, quality assured TB and AMR innovations

Volume 10

28th March 2019

  • SDGs and cervical cancer: promoting women's empowerment from Japan to Asia and Africa
  • Concrete action toward collective impact