Center on Global Health Architecture

Center on Global Health Architecture

About Us

Our Mission

Improving access to health for everyone through developing the health system, health-related infrastructure and global health workforce.

Our Value

Shape the future of global health architecture.
The current global health arena is becoming more and more complex with the emergence of new actors and new challenges in the rapidly changing world. The dynamics of the arena covers not only “eradicating” diseases, but also “coexisting” with them including preventive medicine. As a think tank, we would like to guide the world into the place providing better access to health for everyone through the creation of knowledge and solutions for overcoming the challenges.


Bring solutions to global health challenges through dialogues and co-creation.
The center believes that a multi-stakeholder approach is essential in addressing diverse and complex issues affecting health outcomes. Particularly, the private sector can play a significantly important role in enhancing engagement and investment in global health. As such, the center seeks to connect multi-sectoral stakeholders and encourage them to share their knowledge and experience with each other, to collaboratively bring innovative solutions to global health challenges. The center aims to serve as a platform for global health actors to discuss solutions and act on them.

Center on Global Health Architecture


Based on our mission, vision and value, the center has two main activities for our goal of designing the global health architecture. One is platform development and the other is solution making support.

Platform development Develop platform to stimulate discussions and promote partnerships among various global health actors.
・Multi-stakeholder forum “Access to Health”
・Independent research and publications
・Dialogues and event host
Solution making and implementation support Support creation and implementation of solutions to global health challenges through collaboration.
・Policy making and implementation support
・Consulting services
・Partnership-based business incubation

Out Target Domains

Major challenges and its priority in global health

Among the global health topics, infectious diseases, NCDs and health systems have particularly high priorities and potential of private sector’s involvement.

Major challenges and its priority in global health

Source: MURC (2018) based on WHO (2017) and Business and Sustainable Development Commission (BSDC) (2017)

Target domains of the Center

The center currently focuses on three (interlinked) domains: 1) infectious diseases, 2) non-communicable diseases and aging society, and 3) health systems, which are given a prominent emphasis in global agenda and are seen as the areas where the private sector could make significant contributions.

The center explores how issues in these domains can be solved by emerging non-medical technologies – especially, digital technologies including artificial intelligence / machine learning, block chain and drones.

Target domains of the Center
Target domains of the Center

Our Work

Multi-stakeholder forum “Access to Health”

The center runs a public-private partnership forum gathering over 100 members including United Nations agencies/partnerships, Japanese governmental agencies, international civil society organizations, private companies and academia. It has been organizing a series of seminars for the members on a range of topics in global health, where the forum members share their knowledge and insight as presenters.

Independent Research and Publications

Research on global health architecture that sheds light on the roles of key players in the global health system.


IVD領域を中心とするPQの最新動向Japanese only
16th July 2019
Michikazu Koshiba, Yuri Narisawa

Infectious Diseases,Health System


WHOのデジタルヘルスにおけるコミットメントに関する調査報告Japanese only
10th July 2019
Michikazu Koshiba, Tomoko Kunimitsu

Infectious Diseases,NCDs & Aging Society,Health System


主要国・国際機関におけるグローバルヘルス関連予算の動向Japanese only
31st May 2018
Center on Global Health Architecture

Health System

Dialogues and Event Host

The center has been developing partnerships with key global health actors. Also we host events with these partners to promote discussions and collaboration among the health-related stakeholders.

Creating an African Digital Health & Development Dynamic: Universal Health Coverage in the 21st Century
Including Launch of the African Digital He@lth Initiative 2030

30th August 2019
Co-host with Global He@lth 2030, The G20 Health & Development Partnership, United Nations University, Health and Global Policy Institute
In Cooperation with Broadreach, IBM Watson

Infectious Diseases,Health System

Digital Health and Data-Driven Innovation in TB Response

28th August 2019
Co-host with Japan Anti-Tuberculosis Association (JATA), Stop TB Partnership Japan (STBPJ), Results Japan, International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI), Stop TB Partnership (STBP), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) (Others to be considered)

Infectious Diseases,Health System

More Health for the Money ~ improving the efficiency of supply chains/procurement through digitalization to deliver UHC ~

29th August 2019
Co-host with Chatham House, Center on Global Health Security, Crown Agents Limited, Open Contracting Partnership, PATH, Ethiopian MOH (invited), The World Bank Group (invited), Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, and Japan International Cooperation Agency(JICA)

Infectious Diseases,Health System

Accelerating Innovation and Access in Global Health Technologies ~The latest progress in the fight against infectious diseases~

25th February 2018
Co-host with Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND), Global Health Innovative Technology Fund (GHIT), International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) and Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovation (CEPI)

Infectious Diseases,Health System

Harnessing New Technologies for Global Health Security

27th March 2018
In partnership with Chatham House (Royal Institute for International Affairs)

Health System

Policy Making and Implementation Support

The center has been developing partnerships with key global health actors. Also we host events with these partners to promote discussions and collaboration among the actors.

Consulting Services

The Center provides consulting services to private sector partners upon request. It brings its expertise and network to solve diverse challenges facing global health actors in the private sector. The services to be provided can vary depending on the partner entity’s situation.

Improving Regional Medical and Nursing Care System with University

The center works with a Japanese private university, to improve medical and nursing care system in the region with declining and aging population. This project intends to utilize AI technologies to reduce workload of nursing care.

NCDs & Aging Society

Partnership-based Business Development

The center works collaboratively with partners to find solutions to global health challenges. It also coordinates partner-to-partner collaboration by bridging multi-sectoral partners to facilitate productive partnerships and create synergies.

AMR surveillance and AI prediction with Asian AI Startup

The center collaborates with an innovative Asian startup using AI technologies for disease control to develop a new business for AMR surveillance and outbreak prediction

Infectious DiseasesHealth System


If you are interested, please contact by email.

Center on Global Health Architecture
Contact Person: Michikazu Koshiba and Tomoko Kunimitsu